APA NV Strategic Plan

The Nevada Chapter Exists to:

  • Bring together and support all Nevadans involved in the local, state and regional and national planning process.
  • Provide professional development and education opportunities for members to promote excellence in the planning profession.
  • Train leaders and increase the planning expertise of elected officials, appointed officials, citizen planners, and students.
  • Engage and empower all communities to participate and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the planning process.
  • Promote and achieve planning that is better performed, better understood, and better respected throughout Nevada.

Goal Development and Implementation:

In August of 2023, the Executive Board of the Nevada Chapter adopted its four year strategic plan. This plan will guide the Chapter’s activities over the next four years. The chapter’s new plan is focused on five key areas: Members Services & Networking, Increasing Membership, Professional Development, Planning Advocacy, and Organization Impact. After adoption, the Strategic Plan shall be reviewed annually by the Executive Board at its first meeting of the year and updated no less than every four years. The Chapter looks forward to working with our members to implement this new strategic plan. For additional information about the plan or to help the chapter implement its vision please contact Chapter President Scott Carey at shcarey@sbcglobal.net or 775-830-4369.

Chapter Goals: 
  • Goal 1: Member Services & Networking – increase planning expertise through efficient use of Chapter resources.

  • Goal 2: Increase Membership - Grow the membership of the chapter to advance the planning profession across Nevada.

  • Goal 3: Professional Development – Support members to pursue excellence in the planning profession and advance their careers.

  • Goal 4: Planning Advocacy - Advance the role of professional planning in Nevada through capacity building and advocacy, and development Provide educational resources for appointed and elected officials, potential partner organizations, as well as the general public about the role of planning.

  • Goal 5: Organizational Impact – Elevate Members and Diversify Chapter Leadership

NV Planning Guide

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