APA NV Strategic Plan

The Nevada Chapter Exists to:

• Bring together and support the many people and groups in Nevada involved in the local, state and regional and national planning process; and

• Promote and achieve planning that is better performed, better understood, and better respected.

Goal Development and Implementation:

The Nevada Chapter and Section Leadership met in Las Vegas on January 28, 2019 as part of an annual board retreat. At this retreat the primary topic of discussion was the development of a Strategic Plan and the goals and objectives that plan should contain. This Strategic Plan will cover the four year period spanning 2019 through 2023. Each year an Action Plan will be developed that will further delve into specific actions to accomplish the goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan. Chapter membership shall have a voice in the process through participation in an annual survey that will provide the board with guidance on the topics most important to the membership. Results of this survey will be incorporated into the annual Action Plans. Both the Strategic Plan and the annual Action Plans will be formally adopted at a monthly APA Chapter Board meeting. The Strategic Plan shall be updated every five years.

Chapter Goals: 

Member Development – increase planning expertise through efficient use of Chapter resources. o Provide quality programming that is responsive to membership interests and community and statewide issues. 

Hold an annual statewide conference.

Partner with at least one allied organization for each conference.

Ensure that all bordering states and Western Planner receive materials to promote the conference. 

Host monthly events for professional development that are varied in format, experience and topic. 

Conduct evaluations of each event to gather feedback and get input from members. 

Expand professional development opportunities. 

Submit all events for CM credit approval 

Conduct an annual survey to gauge membership’s interests.

Professional Impact – increase impact of planning in public and private decision making.

o Elevate the role of professional planning in Nevada through capacity building and advocacy, and development of educational resources for appointed and elected officials, potential partner organizations, as well as the general public.

Communications highlighting the credentials of professional planners 

Update and maintain the APA Nevada Chapter Website 

Develop and distribute media  Newsletter, email blasts, and social media posts. 

Highlight member profiles to promote their expertise.

Co-host events with partner organizations such as AIA, NAIOP, USGBC, etc.

Organizational Impact – energize and enhance the organization. 

o Develop priority issues and provide subject matter expertise on key issues through events, fact sheets, and by cross-marketing events.

Nv APA Strategic Plan


NV Planning Guide

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